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Guy Branum, Author of ‘My Life as a Goddess,’ Is the Funny Gay Brainiac We Need Right Now

In our exclusive interview with the ‘My Life as a Goddess’ author and TV host, Guy Branum reveals why he hates comedians who complain about PC culture

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This Queer Woman Wants to Help People of Size Fly Comfortably in Seats That Fit

A new app called AllGo is designed to help people of size know if they’ll fit in the seats on planes, at restaurants and more

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Did Shangela Fat Shame With Her ‘All Stars 3’ Lip Sync Performance? Vicky Vox Says ‘Yes’

Did Shangela fat shame on last night’s episode of ‘All Stars 3’?

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In Several Decades, Los Angeles Will Be Habitable for the First Time in a Century

Los Angeles is on its way to becoming habitable, but you shouldn’t hold your breath — or maybe you should, if you value your life.

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