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Brazil’s Bolsonaro Wants to Remove ‘Promotion of Gender Ideology’ From Country’s Textbooks

The new president is leading efforts to remove the “aggressive promotion of gender ideology” from public education

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New Open-Air Urinals in Paris Are Causing Outrage Among the City’s Residents

Uritrottoirs, open-air Paris urinals, have been placed around the city to curb public urination, but they’re causing controversy over the lack of privacy

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Former Gay Porn Star Logan McCree Has Turned Into a Men’s Rights Activist

It turns out that tattooed gay porn star Logan McCree has moved to Scotland, is dating a woman and is now a men’s rights activist — oh geez

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‘Drag Race’ Star Aja Was Just Banned From Twitter — And The Reason Will Infuriate You

Drag Race star Aja got banned from Twitter this week for slamming a user who insisted her identity as a non-binary person “wasn’t real.” The Season 9 queen, who uses “they/him/her” pronouns, revealed she had been barred from the platform in a Facebook post Wednesday evening. “I got banned from[…]

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Joan Jett Doesn’t Give a Damn About Her ‘Bad Reputation’ In This Trailer for Her Upcoming Doc

If there’s anything that needs to exist in this world, it’s a Joan Jett documentary, and thankfully, the Bad Reputation trailer just dropped

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The New She-Ra Design Is Amazing, But Some Dorks Are Mad She’s Not ‘Sexy’ Enough (Updated)

Over the weekend we got our first glimpses at the new She-Ra design from the reboot; we love it, but some male fans are mad she doesn’t have cleavage

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3 Years After Giving Gays the Right to Marry, the U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Islamophobia

Today’s the third anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges, the decision that gave us same-sex marriage; today is also the day of the SCOTUS Muslim ban decision

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Bruce LaBruce’s Latest Satire ‘The Misandrists’ Is Over the Top, Explicit and Gorgeous

‘The Misandrists,’ the latest film from Bruce LaBruce is an explicit, biting satire that’s utterly beautifully shot and demands to be seen

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New Exposé Proves Milo Yiannopoulos Had ‘Hidden Helpers’ in the Liberal Media

Buzzfeed just published a comprehensive expose regarding Milo Yiannopoulos’ ties to the alt-right, publishing quite a lot of his emails.

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Witches Are Forming Covens Across America and Casting Spells for LGBTQ Rights

Across the U.S. witches are forming covens to protest Donald Trump’s politics, hex his bad politics and cast spells for LGBTQ and racial equality

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