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Ariana Grande to Appear in ‘Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’

Ariana Grande announced that she will appear in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, a mobile installment of Square Enix’s long-running RPG series.

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Final Fantasy: 21 Pieces of the Game’s Best Queer Fan Art

The game’s latest installment is finally out, as are many of its characters—at least as far as Tumblr’s best artists are concerned

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STUDY: What Gaymers Actually Want From Video Games

Gay people play video games?! Shocking, we know, but Paul Nowak’s 2009 Gaymer survey paints a picture of what a Gaymer does and wants from video games.

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10 Classic Video Games That May Have Passed You By

Fallout 4 is finally coming out, due in November of this year! YAY! But what’ll you play ’til then? Maybe give these 10 classics you may have missed a shot.

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