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The ACLU Is Defending an Article Linking Taylor Swift to the Alt-Right and KKK

Taylor Swift and the ACLU are squaring off after an article was published linking Swift to the KKK and alt-right movement

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The GOP Plans to Crush LGBTQ Rights with the First Amendment Defense Act

The GOP is planning to destroy the government’s ability to protect LGBTQ rights with the First Amendment Defense Act. Good job, gay Republicans!

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Federal Judge Rules That Doctors Can Refuse Service to Trans People

A Texas U.S. District federal judge just ruled that doctors can refuse service to trans people on the basis of “religious freedom”. Here’s why that’s bad.

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Republicans Could Repeal Marriage Equality in 3 Easy Steps

Is marriage equality really at risk? Yes, in fact, it is, and here’s how they could do it.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Anti-LGBT Laws Harm Businesses And Their Employees

A recent study of LGBT employees around the world uncovers how anti-LGBT laws harm employees and the local economy, and what businesses can do about it.

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