Focus on the Family

Al Franken Catches Focus of the Family Leader in Lie To Senate

Senator Al Franken’s smackdown of Focus on the Family leader Tom Minnery before a Senate Judiciary Committee on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act is required viewing, as far we are concerned. Senator Franken catches the homophobic Minnery in a lie about the well-being of children in homes […]

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Wanda Sykes: It’s Harder To Be Gay Than To Be Black

“I’m not talking about the history of black people, of African Americans. I’m talking about at this point right now… I don’t know of organizations and groups like Focus on the Family and such anti-gay organizations who are putting up so much money – millions and millions of dollars – […]

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Chick-fil-Antigay Donations

Fast food chain, Chick-fil-A makes tasty chicken sandwiches, we know (The pickles!). But one secret ingredient that won’t have you gay blog readers licking your fingers is the company’s hatred for the gays. Yup, this company is rabidly homophobic. Chick-fil-A is sponsoring a series of anti-gay conferences called “The Art […]