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UB Jammin’ – SebastiAn

SebastiAn is French DJ/producer that really delivers the hottest remixes on the planet. Daft Punk said he delivered the best remix they ever had for “Human after all.” This dark Euro track brings us straight to the underground basement parties of Paris!

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‘Piss Christ’ Vandalized, Museum Guards Assaulted

File this one under things that make you go “Ew.” New York artist Andres Serrano’s controversial series of religious imagery and relics submerged in vats of…fluids…including milk, blood, and in the case of the titular piece here, urine are no stranger to public outcry. Catholic activists in Avignon, the City […]

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McDonald’s Can’t Have It Both Ways

Surely you remember the swoon inducing McDonalds commercial that featured a gay son and his father about to snack down on some McNuggets. Our gay blog was all over that business. The commercial, which aired in France, bore the tagline “Venez comme vous etes” or “Come as you are”. While […]

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Would You Buy Luxury Condoms?

The world’s first luxury condoms are now available from The Original Condom, straight out of gay blog Mecca, Condom, France (Who knew it even existed?). The regal rubbers claim to be “chic and elegant” and are equipped with “French Touch”. We admit, they’ve gotten a rise out of us – […]