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26 Cute AF Gay Lip Locks Celebrating International Kissing Day

Happy International Kissing Day! To celebrate, we rounded-up 26 cute AF Instagrams showcasing gay boys doing what we do best… lip locking!

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The Invention of Lesbian Kissing On American TV

Lesbian kissing used to be a surefire way for TV networks to get high ratings during sweeps week. Let’s see how the kiss first became so commercialized.

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Herrrmerrn’s School of French Kissing for Dogs

“I’ve talked to the police and they say it’s cool.” Oh. My. God. Welcome to Herrrmerrn’s School of French Kissing for Dogs! Learn The ‘Stache Tickler, The Gentleman, The Full Schnauzer and…well, for legal reasons it’s probably best that you don’t learn the Gutterrr Perrrverrrt. Whoa.

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