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Anderson Cooper and Well-Known Gay Actors Will Participate in a Play About Matthew Shepard

The Laramie Project, a 2000 play about the murder of Matthew Shepard, is getting a staged reading with big-name gay actors and queer allies

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Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Helped Pay for a Gay Trans Man’s Funeral After His Parents Wouldn’t

Last September, Daine Grey came out as a trans, gay man and was disowned by his parents; Grey committed suicide and his parents refuse to collect his body

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These 22 Pics From Winter Party Offer a First-Person Look Inside Miami’s Popular Circuit Party

Winter Party 2018 returned to the shores of South Beach this past weekend. With beautiful weather and sexy guys, the weekend was a smashing success.

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A Group of Beard-Lovers Just Raised Over $300,000 With This Sexy Merman Calendar

This 2018 merman calendar launched by a Canadian beard appreciation group just raised a boatload of money for a mental health group.

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