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Anderson Cooper and Well-Known Gay Actors Will Participate in a Play About Matthew Shepard

The Laramie Project, a 2000 play about the murder of Matthew Shepard, is getting a staged reading with big-name gay actors and queer allies

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Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Helped Pay for a Gay Trans Man’s Funeral After His Parents Wouldn’t

Last September, Daine Grey came out as a trans, gay man and was disowned by his parents; Grey committed suicide and his parents refuse to collect his body

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These 22 Pics From Winter Party Offer a First-Person Look Inside Miami’s Popular Circuit Party

Winter Party 2018 returned to the shores of South Beach this past weekend. With beautiful weather and sexy guys, the weekend was a smashing success.

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A Group of Beard-Lovers Just Raised Over $300,000 With This Sexy Merman Calendar

This 2018 merman calendar launched by a Canadian beard appreciation group just raised a boatload of money for a mental health group.

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This Calendar of International Hunks Aims to Save the Lives of People in Anti-LGBTQ Countries

The 2018 Mr. International Freedom calendar features 12 sexy men from 11 different countries, all posing in speedos to help LGBTQ refugees get asylum

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5 Pics of the Openly Gay Triathlete Raising Money for Orlando Victims

Philip Claudy is an openly gay university athlete who is about do one of the world’s hardest triathlons to raise money for the Orlando shooting victims.

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Trump Can’t Stop Flailing Over Fundraising

Poor Donald Trump — he’s been a habitual failure at the only thing that really matters to him: Money.

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KICKSTART THIS: Put A Trans-Friendly House Next To Westboro Baptist Haters

You can help put a house painted like the transgender flag next to one of the most hateful anti-LGBT churches in the U.S..

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VIDEO: Obama Speaks About Everything (But Same-Sex Marriage)

Obama was in New York City last night at an expensive gala for the LGBT community, marking the start of what will surely be an aggressive courtship of gay dollars for his 2012 re-election campaign. Compared with all previous presidents combined, Obama has a commendable record when it comes to[…]

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College Grad Skipping Graduation for NYC AIDS Walk

We stumbled across Christian Oliveira’s story this morning. Homeboy is skipping out on his graduation from Rutgers University (so is my sister, Christina!) this year in order to participate in the New York City AIDS Walk on behalf of his HIV-positive pal, Jay. I can hardly do his story justice[…]

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