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Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Helped Pay for a Gay Trans Man’s Funeral After His Parents Wouldn’t

Last September, Daine Grey came out as a trans, gay man and was disowned by his parents; Grey committed suicide and his parents refuse to collect his body

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Homophobic Remark at Tennessee Funeral Triggers Gunfire

A funeral in Tennessee erupted in gunfire after a mourner made disparaging remarks about the deceased’s sexual orientation

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WTF: Hillary Just PRAISED Nancy Reagan’s AIDS ‘Advocacy’

Hillary Clinton just praised Nancy Reagan’s ‘low-key advocacy’ on AIDS. Last we checked, killing your friend isn’t ‘advocacy’.

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Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Norway Children’s Funerals

Westboro Baptist Church members have announced that they are headed to Norway to picket the funerals of the children killed in the recent terrorist attacks by that extreme right wing neo-Nazi A-hole. Because, you know, gays or something. While the U.S. Supreme Court may have ruled that the WBC crazies[…]

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