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Fleshlightning – The Totally Amazeballs Fleshlight Movie

“You came in your bed. Now lie in it.” Have you heard the one about the geeky but gorgeous virgin guy next door who impregnates a uterusless porn star by making solo love to an enchanted Fleshlight? No? What’s wrong with you?! Get to clicking that movie trailer below! Fleshlightning[…]

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Funny or Die: Dan Savage Threatens To Redefine ‘Rick’

Ricki Lake! Rick Dees! Andy Richter! Richter from X-Force! Rickets! Some of these Ricks have teamed up with Dan Savage to speak out against Rick “frothy mix of lube and fecal matter” Santorum’s continued badmouthing of the LGBT community. The secret backstory: Santorum is all, “Gays fuck dogs.” And Savage[…]

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(Gay) Hoarders: Tori Spelling Edition

“With the help of family and friends, 237 gays were rescued. Unfortunately, two had to be put down.” Real talk, when I began watching Funny Or Die’s Tori Spelling-centric episode of Hoarders, it was LOLZ City. But halfway through the video, the joke just seemed tired. I was half expecting[…]

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You’re So Hot Duel – Suuuuper NSFW

James Franco’s brother Dave, and McLovin Chris Mintz-Plasse make filthy, fiiiiilthy, dirty talk in a You’re So Hot duel for Funny Or Die. Whoa. And just in case you’re wondering, the thing with Justin Bieber’s head…it’s possible. You’re So Hot with Chris Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco from Dave Franco Hot damn,[…]

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