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Going on Your First Gay Cruise? These 7 Tips Will Help Calm Your Nerves

If you’re about to go on your first gay cruise, or aren’t even sure if you want to go on one, here are seven reasons it’ll be the best time of your life

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This Legendary San Francisco Drag Duo Is Hosting a Weeklong Caribbean Cruise in 2020

The Queens Overboard cruise is produced by Peaches Christ and Heklina and will feature Bob the Drag Queen

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Grey Hair on the Deep Blue: A Golden Girls Cruise of the Caribbean Is Coming!

Setting sail from Miami in February 2020, this cruise is the ultimate experience for big fans of the show

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Two Guys Were Arrested Trying to Smuggle MDMA, GHB and Ketamine Onto a Gay Caribbean Cruise

On Sunday, Feb. 3, the world’s biggest gay Caribbean cruise, on the world’s largest cruise ship, set sail from Miami with more than 5,000 guys on board, ready to explore four islands and party nonstop at circuit events and outrageous themed parties. But two guys never made it onto the[…]

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