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Boy Removed From Class For Wearing High Heels

Edit: Savvy UB readers have pointed out that the Bay Area in question here is the Tampa Bay Area, and not San Francisco. I hear Riverview and automatically think Julie Cooper from The O.C., even though she was totally from Riverside. I’m an idiot. -KF A Riverview High School student […]

The boy's toenails are pink, in a J. Crew controversy

Pink Toenails Make a Boy Gay?

The controversy continues over a boy’s pink toenails in the latest J. Crew catalog. All the fuss stems from the crazies over at Fox News, who called this image “psychological sterilization.” This particular crazy, Dr. Keith Ablow, ignited controversy, saying to the mom in question (Jenna, who also happens to be […]

Gay blog: Stanford Students discuss gender neutral housing

Colleges Allowing Boys and Girls to Be Roomies!

Rutgers announced on March 1 that they would allow students to room with people of the different genders – what is known as gender-neutral or mixed-gender housing. Rutgers is responding to the September tragedy where student Tyler Clemnti committed suicide after being secretly filmed with another man by his straight […]