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40 Tasteful Ways To Describe An Athletic Kick In The Dong

During the NBA Western Conference Finals, journalists were unsure how to describe one player kicking another in the dong. Here’s how they did…

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PHOTOS: Nutscaping Takes Beautiful Landscapes, Adds Balls (NSFW)

Nutscaping is the new fad that’s sweeping the art world: Simply take a photo of a landscape, but before you hit the shutter, whip out your testicles!

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PICS: Twitter Zoologists Are Having A #JunkOff Sharing Their Favorite Animal Dicks

Dickpics are all over Twitter. That’s not news, you say? This time, it’s zoologists posting the photos, and the pics are all animal dicks! Ooh la la!

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STUDY: Scientists Determine What Makes An Attractive Penis

A Swiss study of penis aesthetics determined that size matters less than everyone thinks. Turns out, almost everything else matters more…

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