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Decades Later, Let’s Celebrate What’s Really Gay About the Batman Franchise

We celebrate the 20th and 25th anniversaries of ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘Batman and Robin’ — beyond those rubber suits

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George Clooney Is Related To Famous Vampire Hunter, Abraham Lincoln!

George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln both have something in common: they’re both vampire slayers and they’re both related to the same woman!

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BATMEN: Ranking The 8 Actors To Play The Dark Knight

We review all 8 actors who have played the Dark Knight in film and TV to definitively answer the question: Who was the greatest Batman of all time?

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Clinic Compare Presents: The Top Celebrity Body Plastic Surgery Requests

Vanity knows no bounds. Which explains why plastic surgery turned out to be one of the only recession-proof industries in recent years. Sculpting, sucking, and reshaping is big business, and not just for the Heidi Montags and – Eek! – Carrot Tops of the world. More than 3 million Americans[…]

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