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This Christmas, Let’s Remember George Michael Was a Communist Who Fought for Coal Miners’ Rights

George Michael’s politics weren’t particularly secret — but you may not know he was a member of the Young Communist League in the United Kingdom

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Editors' Picks
On the New Mika Album, This International Pop Star Picks Up Where George Michael Left Off

Twelve years into his career, the Beirut-born artist has had enough of the industry merry-go-round and decided to shake things up with a new Mika album.

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We’re Loving These Photoshopped Portraits of Queer Music Icons With Their Younger Selves

We just can’t get enough of these photoshopped portraits

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Memorial Day Playlist: These Queer Musicians Are Leading Our Community’s War for Freedom

Let’s take a moment to mention some of the musicians who’ve helped our LGBTQ community in our ongoing struggles

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