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Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Is Definitely Hiding Something

Brett Kavanaugh worked in George W. Bush’s White House, but we don’t know what he did there, as Republicans are blocking those records from being released

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White House Ignores LGBTQ Pride Month For the Second Year, Honors ‘National Ocean Month’ Instead (Updated)

No LGBTQ Pride Month proclamation again this year! The White House yet again this year failed to proclaim June as LGBTQ Pride Month in the United States

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Trump’s World AIDS Proclamation Doesn’t Mention Gay People, But Neither Did Some of Obama’s

Many LGBTQ and Democratic leaders criticized the Trump World HIV Day proclamation for excluding gay, bi and people of color, but so did some of Obama’s

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Donald Trump is Now the #1 Google Search Result For ‘Wankpuffin’

Stop whatever you’re doing right now, go Google and do a search for ‘wankpuffin’ you’ll see the President-elect Donald Trump appear in the results.

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