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The Electoral College Not Choosing Trump Is a Bad Idea, Says Gay Stats Whiz Nate Silver

You’ve probably seen petitions asking the Electoral College not to elect Trump, but this is a bad idea, says gay statistician Nate Silver. Here’s why…

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A Quick Rundown of the Sketchy GOP Power Grab in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Republican-led Congress is railroading through changes that will undermine the effectiveness of the incoming Democratic governor.

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Trump Can’t Stop Flailing Over Fundraising

Poor Donald Trump — he’s been a habitual failure at the only thing that really matters to him: Money.

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Morning News Round-Up: Trainspotting 2, Kathleen Turner, Lesbian Revenge Porn And More

Director Danny Boyle confirms ‘Trainspotting 2’, actress Kathleen Turner stars in a transgender play, a UK lesbian gets charged for revenge porn, and more!

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