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Gift Guide 2017: 10 Ideas for Urban Activists Looking for Fun and Relaxation

It’s been a challenging year for politically engaged queers, so let this activist gift guide provide your favorite firebrand with some rest and relaxation

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Gift Guide 2017: 20 Presents You’ll Probably Just Decide to Keep for Yourself

Here are 20 perfect holiday gifts that you’ll buy with great intentions but probably just keep for yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with that

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Gift Guide 2017: 10 Horny Holiday Presents for the Pervert in Your Life

From BDSM gear to sexy singlets and lube, our list of horny holiday presents will help your naughty elves stuff some stockings and jingle some bells

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Gift Guide 2017: 10 Passive-Aggressive Presents Perfect for Your Frenemies

When a passive-aggressive gift is in order, these 10 presents are perfect for dropping a hint

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