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Riaz Patel, a Gay Liberal Pakistani Muslim, Is Glenn Beck’s New Best Friend

You’d think they were sworn enemies, but Riaz Patel — member of every group Glenn Beck has used as a scapegoat in the past — is Beck’s new business partner

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GOP Barbie Tomi Lahren Fired By Glenn Beck, Says Page Six

She was suspended following her coming-out as “pro-choice” on ‘The View,’ and now you can consider Tomi Lahren fired by her boss Glenn Beck

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Fox News Host Claims There Were No Terror Attacks in American From 2000-2008!

FOX News’ Glenn Back replacement, Eric Bolling took less than a week to step in it. On day three of his tenure as the host of The Five, Bolling made the audacious claim that America was terror-free under the leadership of former President George W. Bush. “America was certainly safe[…]

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Peace Out – Fox News Reportedly Letting Glenn Beck Go

Admittedly, much of this is hearsay, but when the New York Times is quoting anonymous Fox News executives about getting Glenn Beck off the airways, we think it’s safe for us to chime in on the topic. Glenn Beck’s contract at Fox News reportedly expires in December of this year,[…]

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