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Millennials Are Freaking Out Because Teens Today Use Google Docs as a Covert Chat App

These days teens are more tech-savvy than ever, and they’re using Google Docs of all things to covertly chat with friends

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The Crazies Are Mobilized: Downloads of Infowars App Are Stronger Than Ever

After being banned from iTunes, Facebook and YouTube, the Infowars app has become one of the most popular apps on iOS and Google. And it gets worse….

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Jenny McCarthy Thought Her House Was Haunted, But It Turns Out She’s Just Not That Bright

Jenny McCarthy’s house is haunted — not by g-g-g-ghosts, but her Google Home device — but would we expect anything more from the anti-vaccine activist?

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Sneak a Peek at the Gender-Neutral Emoji Coming to Android Phones

Gender-neutral emoji are coming to Android phones; though Apple introduced them last year, more inclusion is always a good thing

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