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These 6 Gay-Friendly Hotels Are the Best Mexico and Central America Have to Offer

Gay-friendly hotels are a must when traveling, and some of the best are in Mexico and Central America, where sights are gorgeous and rates are cheaper

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Get Your Art On at These 8 Latin American Museums

The best Latin American museums feature everything from indigenous gold to art from masters like Picasso, Kahlo and Matisse

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This Mom Moved to the United States to Make a Better Life for Her Queer Son (Video)

In a touching video, a young man named Javier talks about how his mother sacrificed everything to move to the US to find refuge from anti-LGBTQ bigotry

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Is WikiLeaks Outing Gay Saudi Arabians?

WikiLeaks has posted a ton of data about private Saudi Arabian citizens — including HIV status and the names of people arrested for homosexuality. WTF?!

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