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Where Gay Is Criminal: The Definitive Guide to Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

There are more than 70 countries where ‘gay’ is illegal, and this definitive guide covers each region’s history and harshest penalties

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A Homophobic Right-Wing Website Has Doxxed the Man Behind a Breitbart Advertiser Boycott

The Daily Caller published the identity and personal info of the man behind Sleeping Giants, a campaign pushing advertisers to boycott far-right media

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Let ‘Pose’ Star MJ Rodriguez School You on How Trans Women Are Constantly Vulnerable to Harassment

MJ Rodriguez, one of the breakout stars of Ryan Murphy’s new FX drama Pose, took to social media to share her experience after being harassed on the street.

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Male ‘Arrested Development’ Stars Defended Jeffrey Tambor’s Abuse of Jessica Walter, Then Apologized

When Jessica Walter mentioned being abused by co-star Jeffrey Tambor, her male co-stars excused it away, illustrating one way sexism silences women in entertainment

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