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Yet Another School Blocks All LGBT Websites

In Prince William County, Virginia, if you are a student trying to gain access to LGBT information, you will be faced with a screen telling you that this content has been blocked. Sites like It Gets Better, the Trevor Project, and the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network are all blocked […]

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WATCH: Cutest Anti-Bullying Video EVER!

Irish non-profit Belong To has just launched one of the best anti-bullying campaigns that we have ever seen. Called “Stand Up – To Homophobic Bullying,” it targets youth and demonstrates to young people that they can and should stand up to gay bullying wherever and whenever you see it. It […]

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13-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Anti-Gay Bullying

Nicholas Kelo Jr. made the switch from the football team to the school band because he wanted to play the tenor saxophone. For some reason unbeknownst to us, his classmates deduced that this made him gay. Cue the relentless anti-gay bullying that led up the the 13-year-old killing himself with […]

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Bullied Kid Suspended For Fighting Back

16-year-old Casey is said to have faced bullying nearly every day since first entering school. High School has been made hell by students making a name for themselves by tormenting and attacking Casey, who never fought back. Until today. Or yesterday. Whatever. A video was filmed of Casey being attacked […]

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11-Year-Old Arrested For Threatening His Own Bullies

After a year and a half of being bullied by classmates at Riverbend Elementary in Yuba City, California, Brenton Peraita and his parents had complained to the school more than fifty times. The 11-year-old’s glasses had been broken, and he was routinely called names like “fag” and “homo.” His school […]

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Don’t Stick Tampons On Chris Colfer’s Back

What message does a tampon stuck to your back even communicate? Absorb me? Menstruate me? People are jerks? Clovis California’s golden(globe) boy, Chris Colfer popped by The Late Show to chat with David Letterman last night about cow-tipping, Spider-Man, and wait for it…Bullies! Watch Glee’s leading man being all adorable […]

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Stop Blaming GLEE for Slushie Attacks

A pack of rabid dogs idiots at Jarvis Collegiate School in Toronto, Ontario have been harassing and attacking passers-by in the city’s Gay Village neighborhood. Their weapons of choice include shoes, slurs, and slushies. Do you see where this is going? The resident New Directions Gleeks at TV’s William McKinley […]

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Kameron Jacobsen, 14, Bullied To Death

We’ve lost another friend, brother, son, neighbor, student, grandson, nephew, pal, and life. 14 year old Kameron Jacobsen committed suicide this week after relentless bullying about his perceived sexuality. This news comes only two weeks after a classmate of Jacobsen’s at Woodbury High School in Orange Country, NY also took […]