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Breaking: Demi Lovato Hospitalized for Apparent Heroin Overdose

According to TMZ, a Demi Lovato heroin overdose has landed the singer in the hospital, a relapse for the star open about her struggle with sobriety

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You Don’t Wanna Know the Body Part Where Ray Charles Used to Shoot Heroin

Quincy Jones has a ton of stories, and he shared one about the time Ray Charles’ heroin struggle caused him to shoot the drug into his scrotum

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Gay Human Trafficking Ring Preyed Upon Men with Mental Disabilities

A gay human trafficking ring recently broken up by police involved cocaine and heroin addiction, extortion, death threats and men with mental disabilities

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The Reason For China’s Crackdown on LGBT Media

Why is China targeting massively popular gay TV series like Heroin and Go Princess Go? The reason surprisingly may have little to do with gay people per se.

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