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Let’s Take a Look at the Reasons Some Straight Men Enjoy Group Masturbation

While the majority of guys who patronize group masturbation clubs are gay men, the clientele is likely more diverse than you think

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Is Being Bisexual Too Gay? These Men Who Have Sex With Men Think So

According to a new report, men who sometimes sleep with other men are opting not to label themselves as bisexual because that’s ‘too gay’

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Is Melania Trolling Donald? Here Are 5 Times the First Lady Threw Him Major Public Shade

It doesn’t seem like the First Lady likes the Commander in Chief very much because we read the Melania Trump shade loud and clear

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Disney Is Facing Backlash Over Its First Major Gay Character in ‘Jungle Cruise’

We’re finally getting a Disney gay character in the upcoming action comedy ‘Jungle Cruise,’ but fans are upset a straight actor will play the campy role

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Just a Reminder: Most Pedophiles and Child Molesters Are Actually Heterosexual (and Cisgender)

It has long been said that most pedophiles are gay or otherwise LGBTQ, but when you look at the research, you’ll quickly find that’s just not true

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‘F*ck ISIS’ Is a Dating Simulation Game Where You Kill (and Date) Hunky Terrorists

We’re unsure about new game called ‘Fuck ISIS: The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator’ where you play a horny teen assassin who dates and kills terrorists

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Trinity Taylor’s ‘Str8 Guy Challenge’ May Sound Hilarious, But It’s Playing a Dangerous Game

Trinity Taylor’s Str8 Guy Challenge, where his fans show straight guys a sexy picture of him, might seem funny at first, but plays into harmful transphobia

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California Elected Official Pens Homophobic Essay Calling for ‘Straight Pride American Month’

For his latest column, Ted Hickman penned a homophobic essay that declares July 1st the start of “Straight Pride American Month”

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Even ‘GQ’ Is Stepping Up to Help Rid the World of These Gay Sex Myths

There are a lot of gay sex myths circulating amongst straight people out there, so we’re happy someone is help demystify what gay people actually do in bed

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Watch Miz Cracker and Miles Jai Read ‘Straight Pride’ YouTube Commenters to Filth (Video)

You’re not ready for this kiki in which the queens drag anti-LGBTQ commenters for filth after reading their hateful jabs

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