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New Hornet Study Finds Many Gay Men Feel Unsafe and Are Struggling at Home During Quarantine

According to a recently conducted survey of Hornet users, many gay men feel unsafe at home and are struggling with anxiety and isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic. A third of the Hornet users surveyed have said they are struggling in quarantine, offering interesting insight into the LGBTQ experience during this[…]

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In 1984, This Local Coalition Took the Safety of NYC’s Gay Bathhouses Into Its Own Hands

The Coalition for Sexual Responsibility partnered with NYC bathhouse owners to keep their establishments open during the epidemic

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The AIDS Memorial on Instagram Ensures That Stories of Love and Loss Are Never Forgotten

The page’s founder opens up about why he created the page and why it’s important now more than ever

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In 1994, RuPaul Starred in This Action Comedy About Stealing HIV Meds

This indie film starring RuPaul is about four friends who start robbing pharmacies for HIV meds

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