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Queer People Like Hockey, Too. But Is the NHL Doing Enough to Welcome Us?

Being a sports fan can be rough for queer people, especially for queer people of color in white-dominated spaces like hockey. At best it’s uncomfortable. At worst, it’s actively hostile. Here in the United States, all 32 NHL teams host some type of “Pride Night” as part of the “Hockey[…]

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Former Pro Hockey Player Dons Drag and Lip Syncs ‘I Will Always Love You’ to Show How Stupid Homophobia Is

“There are things in the world that are more important than worrying about your image all the time,” former Edmonton Oiler Georges Laraque said. “If public figures don’t take part in the fight, how are things going to change?’

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This Pro Hockey Player Warns About Losing the Next Wayne Gretzky to Homophobia

In a new interview with a Swedish website, Anders Nilsson, the goalie for the Vancouver Canucks, condemns homophobia in hockey

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