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5 Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy Amid the Season’s Nonstop Holiday Parties

Holiday fitness doesn’t have to be an unachievable Christmas wish — a little planning and some sensible tips can keep you trim during the winter festivities

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This Christmas, Shop at the AFA’s ‘Anti-Christian Boycott List’

Tell the anti-gay American Family Association to ‘shove it’ by patronizing the companies they tell their supporters to avoid

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Here are the Most Popular Easter-Related Porn Search Terms

Some folks will be hunting for eggs on Easter while others will be hunting for porn — in fact, we even know what search terms they’ll be using

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Sad Fact: Hangovers Get Worse As We Get Older

You’re not imagining that your mornings after feels worse than they did when you were 21, and researchers can explain the science behind your next terrible hangover.

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PICS: Everything You Need To Know About Hindu Holiday Diwali

Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in the entire world and it’s happening right now. Here’s a primer on the Hindu festival of lights.

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House Approves Sao Paulo Straight Pride Day

The Municipality of São Paulo approved on Tuesday (2) the bill 294/2005, Alderman Carlos Apolinario (DEM), establishing in the town, the Straight Pride Day. The project depends only sanction of the mayor of São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab, to become law. The text proposes that the date should be celebrated every third[…]

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