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Rock Hudson, 30 Years Later: Has Hollywood Made Any Progress Dealing With HIV?

In 1985, Hollywood heartthrob Rock Hudson appeared on national television, visibly ill, but does Hollywood care about HIV anymore?

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A 1971 John Wayne Interview Reveals the On-Screen Cowboy to Be a Homophobic Racist

For no overly apparent reason, the interview from Playboy magazine is making the rounds on social media, and not for the best of reasons

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Lucille Ball Used Poppers, Says Forensic Pathologist in Upcoming ‘Autopsy’ Episode

An upcoming episode of the TV series ‘Autopsy, The Last Hours of …’ is complete with a Lucille Ball poppers revelation

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After ‘All Stars 4,’ Monique Heart Sets Her Sights on Conquering Hollywood

She came to ‘Drag Race All Stars 4’ with something to prove, but now she’s heading to Hollywood

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