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Is Being Bisexual Too Gay? These Men Who Have Sex With Men Think So

According to a new report, men who sometimes sleep with other men are opting not to label themselves as bisexual because that’s ‘too gay’

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The True Story of One Man’s Dream to Create an All-Gay City in Nevada

In the 1980s, a man named Fred Schoonmaker dreamed of establishing Stonewall Park, an all-gay city where LGBTQ folks could live free without homophobia

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The Sad But True Story of San Domino, Fascist Italy’s Island for ‘Immoral’ Gay Men

San Domingo was Mussolini’s gay island where he deported ‘immoral’ queer men during Italy’s fascist heyday before World War II, and few folks know about it

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These 5 Shorts from Queer Male Animators Represent the Best in Contemporary Animation

If you wanna see an animated same-sex romance, check out the work of these 5 gay animators experimenting with documentary, music video and other styles

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