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6 Queer Video Game Hookups That Need to Happen

Find out which six video game couples we TOTALLY ship. If you don’t write fan-fic, that just means we think they should hookup for some sweet, sweet lovin’.

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Hack Who Outed Closeted Olympians Reportedly Sent Home From Rio

After writing an offensive article that outed several closeted Olympians, Daily Beast writer Nico Hines reportedly got booted from the the Rio 2016 Summer Games — good.

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New Survey Reveals How Modern Gay/Bi Men Hook Up, Get High, and Get Off

A new study of Australian men show several new trends in the way gay and bi guys hook up, get high and get off.

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Do Closeted Republicans Have Hotter Sex?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all anti-LGBT Republicans are desperate closet-cases cruising for man-ass. But is the sex any good?

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