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What Are You Watching This Halloween? Start With These 13 Homoerotic Horror Films

In honor of Halloween, check out our list of fave homoerotic horror that every queer film-lover should see

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‘Friday the 13th’ Is Much Gayer Than You Think It Is

The ‘Friday the 13th’ horror movie series is gayer than you might think. Jason Voorhees may be a demonic murderer, but he is definitely not a homophobe.

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The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Castle Is Now a Luxury Hotel, and You Can Stay There

Located less than a half-hour from London’s Heathrow Airport, is Oakley Court your next vacation destination?

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Jordan Peele’s Follow-Up ‘Us’ Could Prove to Be the Year’s Most Divisive Film

Peele’s follow-up has had so much critical and audience pre-release buzz you’d think it would wilt under those expectations

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