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‘That’s Just the Way He Is’: Kevin Spacey Accused of Racism on ‘House of Cards’ Set

Is Kevin Spacey racist? That’s what one former head of security is claiming after his behavior on the set of his Netflix series.

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Pussy Riot’s New Video Answers ‘Where You From?’ With ‘Vagina!’

The Russian feminist art collective Pussy Riot hadn’t made a lot of noise recently, until today when they released a brash new music video.

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Is Your Favorite Male TV Character One Of These 8 Bisexuals?

TV bisexuals just used to come in only two flavors: bad and worse. Now there’s more, in a delicious array of tastes!

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The 5 Best Spoilers From “House of Cards” Season Four (And 5 Other Surprises)

We binge-watched the shit out of “House of Cards” season four (which only hit the innerwebs yesterday) just to bring you this article. So let’s get to it…

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INFOGRAPHIC: All The Crimes Committed By Frank Underwood In “House of Cards”

Let’s celebrate “House of Cards” season four by recounting the many horrible crimes committed by the show’s bisexual anti-hero, President Frank Underwood.

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