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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Matthew Shepard at Peace, Free Uber Rides to the Polls

Stories about National Coming Out Day and Matthew Shepard, and a look at HRC’s annual list of best and worst cities for LGBTQ people

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The Human Rights Campaign Has Scored America’s Best (and Worst) Cities for LGBTQ People

The annual Municipal Equality Index is a report that shines a light on the best American cities in terms of LGBTQ support — and the worst

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A New Employee-Led Report on the Human Rights Campaign Calls It a ‘White Men’s Club’

The Human Rights Campaign has an HRC diversity problem, according to a new report which details instances of favoritism, exclusion and exploitation

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A Refugee From Chechnya Shares How He Escaped Torture and Murder in the Anti-Gay Russian Republic

A Chechen refugee tells how he escaped kidnapping, detainment, torture and murder in one of the most violently anti-gay parts of the world

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Adam Rippon Finally Met Sally Field’s Son Sam Greisman

What do you think of the Sam Greisman and Adam Rippon meet-up? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.

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Pulse Survivor Responds to Florida School Shooting With a Heartbreaking Memorial to His Best Friend

Pulse survivor Brandon Wolf took to the Human Rights Campaign Twitter account to share his story in response to the Florida school shooting

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HRC Turned Down $325K from Bank of America Over North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill

The Human Rights Campaign refusal of a corporate donation marks a key change between LGBTQ groups and big business, especially as pride season approaches

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Hornet’s ‘Gay Sex: A Raw Conversation’ Brought Out New Yorkers for Some Real Talk (Photos)

Approximately 150 gay men gathered at Therapy in New York City for the ‘Gay Sex: A Raw Conversation’ panel discussion produced by Hornet

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During Her Emotional Speech, Meryl Streep Slams Donald Trump Yet Again (Video)

At the Human Rights Campaign Gala on Saturday night in New York City, honoree Meryl Streep didn’t back down from criticizing Donald Trump

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Trump’s Inauguration Cake Bakers Donated the Profits to an LGBTQ Rights Organization

The Buttercream Bakeshop, who made the cake Donald Trump cut to celebrate his inauguration, say they’ve donated all the money to the Human Rights Campaign.

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