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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Matthew Shepard at Peace, Free Uber Rides to the Polls

Stories about National Coming Out Day and Matthew Shepard, and a look at HRC’s annual list of best and worst cities for LGBTQ people

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The Human Rights Campaign Has Scored America’s Best (and Worst) Cities for LGBTQ People

The annual Municipal Equality Index is a report that shines a light on the best American cities in terms of LGBTQ support — and the worst

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A New Employee-Led Report on the Human Rights Campaign Calls It a ‘White Men’s Club’

The Human Rights Campaign has an HRC diversity problem, according to a new report which details instances of favoritism, exclusion and exploitation

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A Refugee From Chechnya Shares How He Escaped Torture and Murder in the Anti-Gay Russian Republic

A Chechen refugee tells how he escaped kidnapping, detainment, torture and murder in one of the most violently anti-gay parts of the world

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