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This Video Attempts to Unveil K-Pop’s Hidden Underbelly of Slavery and Prostitution

With K-Pop bands like BTS making waves around the world, being a Korean idol singer might seem attractive, but there’s a disturbing dark side to K-Pop fame

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Rentboy CEO Sentenced to Six Months in Prison for Promoting Prostitution

Today saw the Rentboy CEO sentenced to six months in prison, but the CEO — Jeffrey Hurant — and others disagree with the law and its treatment of sex work

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A Colorado Man Was Just Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking

Sean Crumpler was sentenced Monday to 50 years in prison for luring gay runaways and forcing them to have sex with him — he may have had over 150 victims

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A New Sex Trafficking Law Could Radically Change Social Media

Congress has introduced an anti-child sex trafficking bill that could wreck (or at least radically change) social media sites

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Gay Human Trafficking Ring Preyed Upon Men with Mental Disabilities

A gay human trafficking ring recently broken up by police involved cocaine and heroin addiction, extortion, death threats and men with mental disabilities

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Two Hungarian Men Have Been Convicted of Leading a Gay Sex Slavery Ring in Miami and NYC

Two Hungarian men, Gabor Acs and Viktor Berki, were convicted of tricking young gay men into sex slavery in New York and Miami.

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Reacting to New California Law, Conservatives Want Child Sex Slaves Punished

Last September the state passed a law intended to protect underage sex trafficking victims, so why are conservatives mad?

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INTERVIEW: The Fight To End Modern Slavery Worldwide

While many Americans think slavery ended with the Civil War, unfortunately that’s not true. Luckily, there’s Free The Slaves, an organization dedicating to righting that incredible wrong.

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