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Mormon Mother For Gay Marriage

We’re going to go ahead and post this Mormon mother’s blog post on making a video supporting gay marriage, and having her church request the removal of the video. Because it’s just that good. Enjoy. Legend has it that one of the roots of Valentine’s Day stem from a third […]

RI: Gay Battle Ground?

Only a day after gay blogs reported bills to legalize marriage equality in Rhode Island were introduced by openly gay House Speaker Gordon Fox (Woohoo!), Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin is getting all stank about it to reporters. Hush, man. Jesus loves. “It is particularly disturbing that our new […]

Should Gays Vote Republican? is running an editorial today suggesting that gay Americans should vote Republican in an effort to co-opt the Grand Old Party and change their shady, earth-hating ways. It’s making gay blog headlines. We’re of two minds about this. On one hand, we agree that it does us no good […]