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‘Bud Sex’ Is What Some Straight Guys Call Having Sex With Each Other

A sociology doctorate recently interviewed 19 men from white, conservative, rural areas about ‘bud-sex’, a heterosexual way of having gay sex.

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This Republican Politician Is Resigning After He Was Caught Catfishing Men With Female Nudes

GOP Illinois Rep. Nick Sauer is expected to resign today after using nude photos of his ex-girlfriend to catfish men into sex chat

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White People Behaving Badly: 5 Recent Times the Cops Were Called on Well-Meaning Black Folks

It seems like every day we hear another story of white people calling the police on black folks who are just out in public doing normal, everyday things

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This Gay Republican Called the Police on a Black Woman for Using a Coupon (Video)

A Log Cabin Republican and CVS manager named Morry Matson was videotaped calling the police on a black woman for using a coupon this weekend

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