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Naked Brothers Punch a Woman for Interrupting Their Stoned Make-Out Session

A pair of brothers were arrested after punching a woman in the head for interrupting their naked, drugged-up make-out session

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This ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Sponsor Was Accused of an Incestuous Affair in His Divorce Proceedings

Sen. Joey Hensley, who sponsored a “Don’t Say Gay” bill to ban teachers from talking about homosexuality, was accused of adultery with his second cousin

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Young Swedish Party Says to Legalize Incest And Necrophilia

The Youth wing of the Sweden Liberal Party wants to make incest and necrophilia legal because it opposes morality laws. Wait… WTF?

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Cousin Marriage Vs. Gay Marriage Infographic

Did you know that it is legal to marry your cousin in five times as many states as it is currently legal to marry for same-sex partner? Today’s infographic has our stomach in knots. Kind of sucks all the juice out of that whole “gays can’t procreate” argument, considering children[…]

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