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Though Indonesia is a popular tourist destination, gay people may want to think twice about visiting. In the province of Aceh, being gay is punishable by 100 lashes with a cane. And tourists are not exempt from this law. Thankfully, even though homosexuality is illegal in Indonesia, gay Indonesians are fighting back. Gay Indonesia is represented by groups like Arus Pelangi, who are fighting against the right-wing religious zealots who want to punish people for living their lives. Homophobia in Indonesia continues despite the fact that their discrimination costs the country up to $12 Billion — with a B — a year. Hating gay Indonesians comes with a hefty price tag. Still, this backwards, costly policy continues. The anti-gay crackdown continues — including in the capital city of Jakarta — including a new taskforce set to punish LGBTQ Indonesians. Hopefully groups like Arus Pelangi and Amnesty International can stop the hate, and keep this beautiful country from sullying itself further with homophobia and religious zealotry.
Indonesia Threatened to Ban All of Instagram Due to This One Gay Artist

The Muslim nation has threatened to make the platform inaccessible due to one gay artist and his comic strips

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The Daily Sting, Friday: Andy Cohen Dad News, Canada Commemorates LGBTs, New Beyoncé (Kinda)

Last night’s Andy Cohen dad announcement has many feeling overjoyed for the reality TV maestro, and we almost got new Beyoncé

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An Indonesian Crowd Cheers While Two Men Are Publicly Caned for Having Gay Sex

This despite it being said Indonesian caning displays would start to occur privately to avoid unflattering viral videos that might turn off investors

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Homophobia Kills: Indonesia’s Anti-LGBTQ Policies Are Plunging the Country Into an HIV Epidemic

Indonesian HIV rates are at an all-time high for the gay community, a direct result of the country’s ongoing crackdown on LGBTQ rights

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