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A Week Of Republican Sexism and Sex Scandals

What was once a bold experiment in governance is now a tacky reality show. Republicans keep getting caught — or almost caught — in sex scandals.

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What Happens When You’re Caught Being On The DL

Sometimes a step between the closet and being out is pretending to be straight, but hooking up with dudes on the downlow… but what happens when you’re caught?

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The Ashley Madison Hack is Outing More Than Cheaters

Among the 37 million profiles hacked by the so-called ‘Impact Team’ are innocent members of other sites who aren’t looking for extra-marital affairs at all.

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Things That Can and Will Destroy Marriage

And there you have it folks. Possession by ghosts needing a corporeal body are more of a threat to marriage than allowing same-sex couples to wed. We can officially put the issue to bed. (via reddit)

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