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These 71 Rugby Players Got Naked to Help Fight Testicular Cancer (Video)

This year’s calendar is even better than last year’s, with 19 more men and a continued fight to raise awareness for testicular cancer

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INFOGRAPHIC: Here’s How You’re Likely To Die In Each U.S. State

How are you gonna die? If you’re in Louisiana, it’s syphilis. In Washington, it’s meningitis. What about your state?

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Were You Aware All These LGBTQ+ Pride Flags Existed?

Gynephilia? Skoliosexual? Lithromantic? Here’s 20 or more Pride flags you’ve never seen at your local parade or bar (and who they represent).

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STUDY: Here’s What People Masturbated to During The Olympics

A porn-tube site compiled stats of Olympic-themed porn searches during the Rio Games. Surprisingly, the most popular weren’t for wrestling or gymnastics.

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STUDY: Numbers Prove Which of ‘The Golden Girls’ Was the Sluttiest

The Golden Girls make fine role models for those hoping to have active dating lives well into our golden years. But which one was the lustiest?

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Sun Tzu: The Chart of War

The book that has influenced international business, legal, and romantic engagements now comes in a humorous, illustrated version.

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Your Quick, Dirty Guide To 5 Must-Know Stonewall Veterans

The veterans of the Stonewall Uprising were largely trans women, people of color and sex workers. Here’s a quick guide to Stonewall’s 5 most famous rioters.

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INFOGRAPHICS: Here’s Your State’s Favorite Kind Of Gay Porn

Does gay self-abusers in your state prefer BDSM or BBC? A set of handy maps makes it easy to see, and the results will surprise you!

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INFOGRAPHIC: This Orange Is The New Black Rap Sheet Keeps Tabs On Who Did What

How excited are you now for Orange Is The New Black now that the Season 4 trailer is out? To help get that intense longing up to a fever pitch, here’s everyone’s wrap sheet!

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Which Animals Are Gay: Infographic

With recent news reports of gay lions in Botswana and gay penguins in Berlin, we wanted to take a closer look at gay, lesbian and bisexual animals and their social benefits!

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