The NSFW Penis Identification Guide

It’s been about 200 years or so since we checked in on the state of phallic diversity, so boy oh boy were we pleased to find Manhunt’s handy dandy crotch candy guide in our inbox this morning. Manhunt is all about the penis. We essentially traffic in it. Celebrating the […]

Katy Perry’s Tour Rider Infographic

Katy Perry doesn’t just bring her California Dreams Tour around for just anyone, you know. Homegirl has some essential demands to maintain a well-oiled pop machine. Like for instance, Huggies baby wipes, salt & vinegar Kettle chips, a presidential suite, car windows rolled halfway down at all times, and of […]

What Inspires Lady Gaga – Infographic

Meat dresses and balloon dresses and uh…mirror dresses don’t just waft our of the foam along the shores of Lady Gaga’s brain, donchaknow. Behind every great artist (and every great infographic) lies a fit of inspiration! What inspires YOU?

United States of Anal

A butt-shaking round of applause for our nation’s most anal state, Alaska. Levi, Bristol and Sarah Palin herself must be so proud. I hang my head in shame as the three states that I call home failed to even score a single anal bead in the anal infographic rankings. Why […]

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Things That Can and Will Destroy Marriage

And there you have it folks. Possession by ghosts needing a corporeal body are more of a threat to marriage than allowing same-sex couples to wed. We can officially put the issue to bed. (via reddit)

A Brief Guide To Boogers (Infographic)

Where my rhinotillexomaniacs at? Holla! Picking your nose is gross, but so is swallowing the gallon of mucus a day that drips down your throat from your nose. Today’s infographic has up gagging, but we learned so much! Like just how many people pick their nose? How many then turn that […]

A Detailed Look At Sex Injuries (Infographic)

Terror in your living room! Who would have guessed a sofa is a more dangerous sport for getting it on than a car? And who the hell are these people having sex on the toilet? Today’s infographic tackles the most dangerous spots for sex, the most frequently injured body parts […]

Sex In the Cities (Infographic)

What are the most sexually satisfied cities in America? The least? Which country knocks the most boots? And who blows through condoms the fastest? All this and more in today’s infographic. (via)