A Brief History of the Terrible Injustices of Traditional Marriage

The oft-quoted “traditional marriage” is exactly the way life should be and the cornerstone of society and kids need a mom and a dad and blah, blah, oh my God, BLAH. But what about the fact that traditional marriage is hardly the unwavering and universally defined construct that conservatives and […]

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The Scoop on Semen Infographic

Which animal produces the most sperm? Can foods really affect the taste of your little swimmers? How far is the world record for farthest…uh…shot? All this and more in today’s infographic.

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Pooponomics Infographic

Did you know enough poop to fill seven Empire State Buildings is produced by the world in a lifetime? That’s…well, that’s a lot of poop. Today’s infographic is all about poop. Everyone does it. Now learn how much it costs.

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United States of Obesity

Put down the burger. Slowly back away from it. Now get your butt to the gym, stat. We don’t know how else to break it to you, but dude, you’re getting fat. Today’s infographic from CalorieLab has the proof. Obesity is straight up out of control in our country, with […]

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United States of HIV Infographic has put together an exceptional interactive infographic of HIV infection rates in America. The static image we’re using here shows just how widespread this illness is in our country, but you really haven’t seen anything until you play around with their interactive version over HERE.

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Cousin Marriage Vs. Gay Marriage Infographic

Did you know that it is legal to marry your cousin in five times as many states as it is currently legal to marry for same-sex partner? Today’s infographic has our stomach in knots. Kind of sucks all the juice out of that whole “gays can’t procreate” argument, considering children […]

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World Sex Records Infographic

Who has had the most sex partners (62 men!) in a day? How about the most partners (101 women!) in a month? A Lifetime? These answers and more than enough information to make your genitals fall right off of your body in today’s gay infographic. Just reading this makes us […]

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15 Things You Should Know About Breasts Infographic

How big are the world’s largest breasts? Which states allow women to go topless? How many men get breast enhancements and reductions each year? And why oh why oh why did surgeons think glass and polyester implants were a good idea? All this and more in today’s infographic.

Grab Your Gonads! Know Your Testicles Infographic

Safety first, boys! And to be extra safe, always check your balls with a friend! Testicular cancer is no joke, and thanks to your daily Unicorn Booty infographic, you’ll have the skills to ward off any bad juju causing troubles for your boy bubbles. Via iheartguts