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Despite the FCC’s Repeal of Net Neutrality Starting Today, All Is Not Lost

The FCC’s net neutrality repeal starts today, which allows internet service providers to charge more for (and outright block) different types of content

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Though the FCC Just Repealed Net Neutrality, the Fight to Save the Internet Isn’t Over

Though the FCC just voted for the net neutrality repeal, we’re not sunk yet — we can still fight and save the internet from big business

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The FCC Under Trump Wants to Kill Net Neutrality, But Here’s How You Can Fight Back

Under Trump, net neutrality is in danger — here’s what the web will look like if his FCC Chairman gets his way and how you can help stop them

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Meet Tree Man, a Sexy Fitness Athlete the Internet Is Full-On Obsessed With

Meet Danny Jones, a fitness athlete and online personal trainer based in Southern California who the internet has now nicknamed “Tree Man”

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A New Sex Trafficking Law Could Radically Change Social Media

Congress has introduced an anti-child sex trafficking bill that could wreck (or at least radically change) social media sites

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Senate Republicans Just Gave a Huge ‘F*ck You’ to Online Privacy

Today, Senate Republicans voted to make it easier for internet service providers to sell information about customers without their consent

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The True History of Pusheen, the Animated GIF Cat That’s Taking Over Facebook

Everyone loves the Pusheen cartoons, but what do we really know about her? We did a bit of digging into the past of the Internet’s favorite kitty

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It’s Official, GamerGate: Nobody Likes You

GamerGate is a movement about ‘ethics in video games journalism.’ Haha! Just kidding: they’re a bunch of hateful, bigoted misogynists and nobody likes them.

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PICS: Move Over Grumpy Cat; Loki Is The Web’s New Scowl Cat

All hail the queen of the resting bitch face: Loki the Cat. Loki may be the most expressive expressionless cat in all of internet land.

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Seven People Hold The Keys To The Entire Internet. No, Really

Seven people hold the keys to the internet. It’s all very hush-hush and discreet and there’s even a ‘key ceremony.’ No really. It’s actually a real thing.

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