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The New Apple iOS Briefly Featured a GIF of Hardcore Oral Sex (NSFW)

Apple’s new iPhone has lots of great features! For example, typing in the word “huge” briefly brought up an animated GIF of a woman sucking a large dong.

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Your Phone Probably Has Digital Herpes From Watching Porn

A new study shows that 25 percent of all smartphone viruses come from porn sites, and Apple’s anti-porn stance in its app stores is making the problem worse

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The New ‘Diverse’ Emojis are Here and They are Driving Everyone THREE BANANA EMOJIS

Hark! Lo! Hear ye, hear ye! Gather round, villagers. The wind brings tidings from Cupertino. Change is in the air. Big change. Troubling change. Emoji change.  Devil, thy name is iOS 8.3. The good: The latest iOS software update is here. And you only have to delete 3000 photos off[…]

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Will It Be Racist When My White Friends Start Using Black Emojicons?

When Apple rolls out its new iOS with brand new racially-diverse emoji, will a black smiley face mean something different from a white one? Should it?

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