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Trump Administration Says It Wants to Lead Global Effort to Decriminalize LGBT People

While a concrete strategy isn’t yet laid out, the administration reportedly has plans to launch a global campaign

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Vienna Denied a Gay Iranian Refugee Asylum Because He Couldn’t Explain the Pride Flag In-Depth

Vienna recently denied a gay Iranian asylum because he couldn’t explain the meaning behind the LGBTQ flag colors. But can you?

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‘Jensiat’ Is Bringing Sexual and Technical Education to Iran as a Graphic Novel

‘Jensiat’ has been running since March of 2016, and has 1.2 readers eager to find out information the Iranian government doesn’t want them to know

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Chechnya is Just 1 of 3 Countries Currently Arresting Gay People En Masse

While Chechnya has reportedly conducted the anti-gay arrest and torture of over 100 suspected homosexuals, Iran and Nigeria are doing group arrests as well.

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Powerful New Play Tells the True Story of Being Gay in the Middle East

Nominated for a GLAAD Award for its Los Angeles engagement, ‘Haram! Iran!’ is based on the true story of the trial of two Iranian teenagers in Mashad, Iran

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12 Photos Proving Why This Iranian Porn Star is the Sexiest of Them All (NSFW)

You may recognize Arad Winwin from the campaigns he has done for Andrew Christian or from some of the films he has performed in for CockyBoys and Men.com

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Russian Trans Woman Murdered After Her Father Outs Her on TV

A man went on TV to ask that viewers murder his daughter — a trans woman — for marrying a man. The viewers complied and murdered her.

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The LGBT Olympians Won More Medals Than Anti-LGBT Countries Did

Even when you combine the team sports medals, the 15 medals won by “Team LGBT” outnumber those won by countries that criminalize LGBT sex.

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Lost Mexican Trans Beauty Queen Found Murdered And Burned

A Mexican trans woman was murdered and her corpse burned, and more in our monthly look at queerphobia around the world.

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The Pope Says The Church Owes Queers An Apology

Pope Francis says the Catholic Church owes the LGBTQ community an apology and more in our look at LGBTQ-related religious news from around the world.

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