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Ivanka Trump News and Stories

Donald Trump Had a Huge White House Dinner for Rabid Anti-LGBTQ Evangelicals (Photos)

Last night, the White House held a Trump Evangelical dinner which was basically a gathering of America’s most anti-LGBTQ Christians and activists

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Breaking: Ivanka Trump Is Closing Her Fashion Brand to Focus on Work in Washington

The Ivanka Trump fashion brand just closed up shop as its namesake announced that she plans on focusing on her work in Washington D.C. instead

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Another Ivanka #Fail: She Donated $50K to a Homophobic Church in the Name of Migrant Kids

The anti-LGBTQ pastor of Texas-based Prestonwood Baptist megachurch just got a $50,000 donation for migrant kids

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Nope, Samantha Bee Calling Ivanka Trump a Bad Word Isn’t the Same as Roseanne’s Racism

On last night’s episode of ‘Full Frontal,’ Samantha Bee used an expletive to refer to Ivanka Trump and conservatives are comparing her to Roseanne Barr

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