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If You Loved ‘Moonlight,’ Check Out the Director’s New Trailer Based on a Famous Bi Author’s Book

Just in time for his birthday, we’ve got our first look at ‘If Beale Street Could Talk,’ the new James Baldwin film from ‘Moonlight’ director Barry Jenkins

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Call Me Back, Please: 10 Voicemails From the Mothers of Our Favorite LGBTQ Icons

We dipped into the annals of queer history to discover messages from mothers of LGBTQ icons who found themselves sent to voicemail

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‘Moonlight’ Director Barry Jenkins’ New Movie Will Be a James Baldwin Adaptation

We’ve just found out what Barry Jenkins’ new film will be — an adaptation of James Baldwin’s novel ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’

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10 Super Gay Film Moments That Happened Since Last Year’s Oscars

We take a look at some of our favorite super gay film moments since last year’s Oscars, many of which were overlooked by the Academy

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5 LGBTQ Facts About This Year’s Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations were released today; here are five LGBTQ facts about this year’s nominees: — The snooze-worthy La La Land—a largely white, generic romance about jazz that puts its black characters mostly in the background—got 14 nominations, as many as All About Eve, a catty 1950 dramedy beloved by gay audiences.[…]

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