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Jeffrey Tambor News and Stories

Male ‘Arrested Development’ Stars Defended Jeffrey Tambor’s Abuse of Jessica Walter, Then Apologized

When Jessica Walter mentioned being abused by co-star Jeffrey Tambor, her male co-stars excused it away, illustrating one way sexism silences women in entertainment

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‘Transparent’ Actress Says Jeffrey Tambor Is Being Given a Pass for Sexually Harassing Trans Women

Transgender actress Alexandra Billings has called a recent article about the Jeffery Tambor sexual harassment claims ‘transphobic’ and ‘slut-shaming’

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‘Transparent’ Star Jeffrey Tambor: ‘I Was Fired for Being a Cis Male in a Trans Role’

He was fired in February, presumably amid sexual misconduct allegations, but now says it was due to playing a ‘trans face’ role

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley Gayby News, Scott Baio Is the Worst

What happened this week? Well, there’s Dustin Lance Black / Tom Daley gayby news, Burberry’s over the rainbow with pride and Scott Baio is still the worst

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