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Just a Friendly Reminder That Jesus Was … Well, a Little Gay

Books from the earliest days of Christianity, found in an ancient cave, explicitly state that a gay Jesus wasn’t too far from the truth

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See You In Court! Nebraska Woman Files Suit Against All Gays And Their Allies

Sylvia Driscoll has asked a judge to declare homosexuality a sin (and that judge isn’t God). All gay people will be on trial… better get your suit pressed!

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Summer’s Eve Vagina-Hand Puppets Vs. Pine Fresh Dick Scrub

Summer’s Eve has a buzzy new marketing campaign on their hands. No, seriously. SE rolled out three commercials in which hands masquerade as ladyparts in a “Hello from Vaginaland!” advertising blitz. …I see… The good news is that I, a gay man, have no realized I am in possession of[…]

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